Marital therapy can be a transforming experience.  Marriages can be:

  •  fullfilling and comfortable
  • exciting and fun
  • challenging and overwhelming

We can experience a full range of emotions.

Each partner brings particular life experiences, patterns of relating, and family histories.

In the secure environment of the therapeutic relationship the partners can begin to feel safe with their feelings and learn to become their best authentic selves.

Marital therapy is a process of explanation and discovery.  It is the crucible in which to find and develop strength, to discover the root of the difficulty, to understand the dynamics of the relationship.

There is a reason things are out of kilter.

Both parties grow individually and together in the marriage so you can heal and create a satisfying relationship.  The goals you have for your marriage determine and influence the course of the therapy.  My experience reinforces my deep respect and faith in couples and in the process.